Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps Featuring
Petrified Wood

Rock Name: Petrified Wood

Composition: Various minerals replacing wood and preserving its structure

Nomenclature: The term "petrified wood" is somewhat of a misnomer since it incorrectly implies that the wood has somehow "turned" into stone. Technically, this material is described as a pseudomorph after wood, since the mineral replaces the wood, preserving the wood's structure but not the wood itself.

Industrial Uses: Ornamental stone, jewelry.

Additional Notes: Petrified wood is a class of objects defined by the process by which it was created rather than by chemical composition. Many different minerals may replace wood over the course of geologic time. Most discovered petrified wood is quartz, in the form of agate or opal.

Afars & Issas : Scott C101 : 85 francs : 25 Oct 1974

Gypsum (Petrified Wood)

Ecuador : Scott 1444 : 2000 sucre : 6 Oct 1997

Petrified wood

Kenya : Scott 103 : 70 cents : 13 Dec 1977

Agate (quartz; petrified wood)

United States : Scott 1538 : 10 cents : 13 Jun 1974

Agate (quartz; petrified wood)