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Mineral Name: Microcline

Composition: Potassium aluminum silicate

Nomenclature: Named after the Greek words "mikron" meaning "little" and "klinein" meaning "to stoop"; a reference to the shape of the crystals.

Industrial Uses: Gemstones; ornamental stone; used in the manufacture of glass, enamel, and porcelain.

Additional Notes: A member of the Feldspar group of minerals. The deep green variety of microcline is referred to as "amazonite."

French Southern and Antarctic Territories : Scott 212 : 1.00 franc : 1 Jan 1996

Microcline var. amazonite (feldspar)

Kenya : Scott 101 : 40 cents : 13 Dec 1977

Microcline var. amazonite (feldspar)

Uganda : Scott 606 : 150 shilling : 18 Jan 1988

Microcline var. amazonite (feldspar)