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Rock Name: Meteorite

Composition: varied nickel, iron, and "stone" constituents

Nomenclature: A meteorite is a meteor that has impacted the surface of the Earth.

Industrial Uses: Mostly scientific interest; however, some nickel-iron meteorites have been mined for nickel and iron ore.

Additional Notes: Meteorites are a class of objects defined by their extraterrestrial origin, rather than by chemical composition or structure. Several different types of meteorites exist; however, they can be divided into two general classes: iron and stony. These two classes are further divided into subclasses based upon the meteorite's chemical composition or presumed origin.

Angola : Scott 552 : 1 escudo : 31 Oct 1970

Meteorite (octahedrite)

Central Africa : Scott 1261c : 400 francs : 1998

Meteorite (iron)

French Southern and Antarctic Territories : Scott 221 : 15.00 francs : 1 Jan 1996

Meteorite (Micrometeorites of Cape Prudhomme)

Greenland : Scott 107 : 1.20 krone : 20 Jan 1978

Meteorite [etched cross-section]