Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps From
Korea, DPR

Official Name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea
National Name: Choson Minjujuui Inmin Konghwaguk
Alternate Names: Choson; DPRK; North Korea
Monetary Units: 1 won (W) = 100 chon
Location: Eastern Asia; northern half of the Korean peninsula; bordered by Yellow Sea (west); China (north); Russia (northeast); Sea of Japan (east); South Korea (south).
Mineral Resources: Coal, lead, tungsten, zinc, graphite, magnesite, iron ore, copper, gold, pyrite, salt, fluorspar.

Korea, DPR Stanley Gibbons N3513
Quartz (var. Amethyst)
Korea, DPR
Stanley Gibbons N3513
20 chon
2 May 1995

Illustration of natural, unpolished specimen. Philatelic Mineralogy Copyright © 1997-2010 by Richard Busch