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Rock Name: Jade

Composition: Sodium aluminum iron silicate (jadeite); calcium magnesium iron silicate hydroxide (nephrite)

Nomenclature: Named after the Spanish phrase "piedra de yjada" which means "stone of the side" because it was used as a remedy for kidney troubles in ancient times.

Industrial Uses: Gemstones, carvings, ornamental stone.

Additional Notes: "Jade" is the name given to the gem varieties of two, very distinct minerals--jadeite and nephrite--which have similar appearance and properties. Jadeite is a member of the Pyroxene group of minerals. Nephrite is a variety of the mineral actinolite. Jade is typically thought of as green; however, it can occur in many other colors. Although relatively soft (it can be scratched with a knife blade), it is very tough (resistant to breaking). This property makes jade ideal for carving and for use in stone tools.

New Caledonia : Scott 473 : 30 francs : 17 Mar 1982

Anorthosite (feldspar); Nephrite (jade); Serpentine

New Zealand : Scott 755 : 1 cent : 1 Dec 1982

Nephrite (jade)