Gem, Rock, and Mineral Postage Stamps From

Official Name: State of Israel
National Name: Medinat Yisra'el; Yisra'el
Alternate Names: Israel
Monetary Units: Israeli pound (IL) = 1,000 prutoth. In 1980, the Shekel replaced the former pound at 10 old pounds = 1 shekel. 1 Israeli shekel (IS) = 100 (new) agorot. Currently, 1 New (Israeli) sheqel (NIS) = 100 agorot
Location: Middle East; bordered by Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea (west); Lebanon (north); Syria and Jordan (east).
Mineral Resources: Sulfur, copper, phosphates, potash, bromine, clay, sand, manganese. Although diamonds are not mined in Israel, the country imports rough diamonds and exports cut diamonds in large quantities.

Israel Scott C47
Scott C47
3 pounds
7 Feb 1968

Illustration of a faceted diamond. Philatelic Mineralogy Copyright © 1997-2010 by Richard Busch