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Rock Name: Diabase
Composition: A basaltic rock composed chiefly of labradorite and pyroxene, in which lath-shaped crystals occur.
Industrial Uses: Ornamental stone; crushed stone.
Additional Notes: In the United States, diabase is also referred to as dolerite. In the United Kingdom, dolerite is used to describe the fresh rock; diabase is used to refer to altered dolerite. Commonly occurs as tabular masses that have been intruded into surrounding rocks. The Palisades of the Hudson River, near New York City, are composed of diabase.

Afars & Issas Scott 349 Afars & Issas Scott 352
Diabase (Doleritic Basalt)
Afars & Issas
Scott 349
10 francs
22 Nov 1971
Olivine Diabase (Olivine Dolerite)
Afars & Issas
Scott 352
40 francs
25 Jan 1971

Scott 349 and 352 show thin-sections of rocks viewed under polarized light. Philatelic Mineralogy Copyright © 1997-2010 by Richard Busch