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Mineral Name: Calcite

Composition: Calcium carbonate

Nomenclature: Named after the Greek word chalx which means "burnt lime" because of its chemical composition.

Industrial Uses: Cement, optical polarizers, optical bombsights.

Additional Notes: A very common mineral with many varieties. The variety Iceland spar exhibits the property of double refraction; that is, an image viewed through a rhomb of Iceland spar will appear doubled. This occurs because calcite separates a beam of light into two perpendicularly-polarized beams which are refracted (bent) by significantly different amounts. Iceland spar was used during World War II to manufacture optical bombsights, since the calcite rhomb has the ability to counteract the effects of parallax. Massive calcite is referred to as travertine.

Azerbaijan : Scott 420 : 10 manat : 15 Jun 1994

Calcite on epidote

Bulgaria : Scott 3898 : 5 leva : 20 Nov 1995


Chile : Scott 1179c : 150 pesos : 9 Aug 1996

Calcite; Bornite

Comoro Islands : Scott 933 : 1125 francs : 1998

Calcite; Rutile in Quartz; Wulfenite

France : Scott 2019 : 4 francs : 13 Sep 1986


Kyrgyzstan : Scott 42 : 90 tyiyn : 1 Dec 1994